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Why Learn Stage Combat?









Stage Combat Classes

Courses offered each semester at PVCC

Paradise Valley Community College

 Students will learn basics for using both weapons as well as the basics for acting a fight. The class will culminate in a skills proficiency test with the SAFD- Society of American Fight Directors. A Fight Master will come in at the end to certify students.

A certificate in Stage Combat is now available at Paradise Valley Community CollegeClick here




Local Workshops

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Order a Workshop

Workshops can be scheduled for your school, drama class, or cast.

Workshop Types

Basic unarmed combat: falls, hair pulls, slaps, punches…

Basic Sword Work: parries, cuts, thrusts…

Basic Knife Work: cuts, counter-cuts, wounds, kills…

Design Your Own: combine several of the above or work on just those specific moves you need for a show…