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Why Learn Stage Combat?









Fall Stage Combat Class

THF130 Combat for Stage and Screen- Broadsword and Quarterstaff

Paradise Valley Community College

 Students will learn basics for using both weapons as well as the basics for acting a fight. The class will culminate in a skills proficiency test with the SAFD- Society of American Fight Directors. A Fight Master will come in at the end to certify students.

A certificate in Stage Combat is now available at Paradise Valley Community CollegeClick here




Local Workshops

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Order a Workshop

Workshops can be scheduled for your school, drama class, or cast.

Workshop Types

Basic unarmed combat: falls, hair pulls, slaps, punches…

Basic Sword Work: parries, cuts, thrusts…

Basic Knife Work: cuts, counter-cuts, wounds, kills…

Design Your Own: combine several of the above or work on just those specific moves you need for a show…