Fight Call, LLC

Fight Call, LLC was named after a crucial part of the fight rehearsal process. A fight call, according to the dictionary is: “the scheduled meeting during which actors practice stage combat. This event takes place onstage an hour or more before the show begins. Actors will often practice their fight moves in slow motion, then up to actual speed.”

In order to have your fight call, call Fight Call, LLC!

Our Mission

To provide top quality stage combat education and fight direction throughout the Valley of the Sun. We are committed to the highest standards of safety and artistic integrity for the Theatre.

Company Profile

Fight Call, LLC was established to offer professional stage combat education and fight direction for Individuals, Educational Institutions, Theatres, and Film-makers. This business is two-fold. The first aspect of the business involves educating actors in the art of stage combat, teaching them safe and effective techniques to use in violent scenes in plays and movies. The second part of the business involves the planning and direction of staged violence in a play or movie; offering staging, advice on safety protocols, design advice for set, costumes, and props involved in the staged violence and acting coaching to effectively blend the characters actions into a comprehensive and entertaining story for the audience.

What is Stage Combat?

Stage Combat is a choreographed and realistic looking fight done on stage (or in film) that tells a story through violence while keeping the performers and audience safe. There are two key elements that are essential in understanding stage combat- safety and effectiveness. The safety of the actors as well as the audience is of tantamount importance, no one should get hurt in staged violence, it is only an illusion. The effectiveness of the fight is how believable it looks to the audience while also showing the relationship of the characters and telling a story through the conflict.

Othello | Arizona Opera Company

Othello | Arizona Opera Company

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