Why Should I Learn Stage Combat?

What are the Benefits to Learning Stage Combat?


By putting another skill (that you actually have) on your resume, you make yourself more marketable. I have been hired several times for acting jobs because of my training.


With stage combat skills you add another dimension to your acting skills. It gives you access to more character traits and types of characters.


As an actor you learn skills to keep you physically safe. There are many stories about actors getting hurt because they didn’t know what they were doing and the people in charge had no training.


All drama has conflict. When you train in stage combat you learn how to build that conflict, what the different types of conflict are, and how different characters react.

Physical Control:

As actors, your body is your instrument. The story being told needs to be conveyed with your body even more than it does with your lines. Stage combat helps actors get to know their bodies and how to use them, as well as how to find a character’s physicality.


Actors must become disciplined quickly when dealing with staged violence because of the safety factors.

Fields of Study:

Stage combat training covers many aspects of study such as, world history, relationships, psychology, and the dynamics of society.