A Duel for Honor

Dramatic / Rapier & Dagger (R&D) / Single Sword (SS) / Smallsword (SmS) / Male/ Female / Jessica Parsons / Zachary Ross / May 14, 2024

Jessica Parsons and Zachary Ross

Alex: Ah, yes. You’re finally here. Let’s get this over with.

Jean Luke: You know we don’t have to do this? We could shake hands and just go home…

Alex: Why bring your sword if not to duel?

Jean Luke: I brought my sword merely as a formality. We need not fight.

Alex: Your Father insulted my Uncle. I’m fighting for his honor! That’s not something I can just walk away from.

Jean Luke: You can. If your uncle is so offended, let him fight for his own honor. They can cross blades, not us.

Alex: Your father calls my uncle a coward. Strange, seeing as how he has a coward for a son.

Jean Luke: Berate me with words all you’d like, but do not attack me with your sword. I do not fight meaningless duels. 

Alex: Apologize for your father, and all of this can be avoided.

Jean Luke: I will not apologize for actions that weren’t my own

Alex: Then we duel.

Jean Luke: Then we duel.

[Fight, Jean Luke draws first blood]

Alex: Competent swordsman. I underestimated you.

Jean Luke: Nevertheless, I have drawn fight blood. This conflict is laid to rest.

Alex: This fight was never to first blood. This is a duel to the death.

Jean Luke: Don’t be foolish! We can not right wrongs that are not of our making. There is no sense in dying for them.

Alex: There is honor in defending my uncle. Honor you don’t understand!

[They fight. Jean Luke is wounded]

Jean Luke: All this for-

[Alex kills Jean Luke]

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