Prince Caspian

Dramatic / Sword & Shield (S&S) / Male/Male / Broadsword (BS) / April 17, 2024

Adapted by Cam Oakes and Zac Ross

Miraz: Do you think they’ve come to surrender?
Peter: I, Peter, High King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel, and Emperor of the Lone Islands, in
order to prevent the abominable effusion of blood, do hereby challenge the usurper Miraz to
single combat upon the field of battle. The reward shall be total surrender.
Miraz: Why would we risk such a proposal when our army could wipe you out by nightfall?
Peter: Haven’t you already underestimated our numbers? Only a week ago, Narnians were
Miraz: And so you will be again.
Peter: Then you should have little to fear.
Miraz: (Laughs) This is not a question of bravery.
Peter: So you’re bravely refusing to fight a swordsman half your age?
Miraz: I didn’t say I refused.
Glozelle: Sire, our military advantage alone allows us the perfect excuse to avoid-
Miraz: I am not avoiding anything! You had better hope your sword is sharper than your pen.
Miraz: If it should appear to be going poorly…
Peter and Miraz move to position.
Miraz: There is still time to surrender.
Peter: Well, feel free.
Miraz: How many more must die for the throne?
Peter: Just one.
Miraz: Does his highness need a respite?
Peter: Five minutes?
Miraz: Three.
Peter and Miraz return to their sides
Miraz: I assume you won’t let it get that close again?
Edmund: What do you think happens back home if you die here?
Peter: Save it for later.
Peter and Miraz resume the duel

Miraz: Respite! Respite!
Edmund: Now’s no time for chivalry, Pete!
Peter: Now, about that surrender…
Miraz takes advantage of the opening.
Edmund: Peter! Look out!
Miraz: What’s the matter, boy? Too cowardly to take a life?
Peter: It’s not mine to take. I will leave you for Caspian.

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