Bloody Betrayal

Dramatic / Rapier & Dagger (R&D) / Smallsword (SmS) / Sword & Shield (S&S) / Broadsword (BS) / Male/ Female / Quarterstaff (QS) / January 4, 2024

By Jessica Parsons and Zac Ross

Allara: I knew I would find you here. On my throne.
Derrik: Your Father’s throne. Which should have been mine by birth. By blood.
Allara: Your blood is only half royal. Our mother saw to that.
Derrik: The blood on my hands belongs to your father, that makes me King.
Allara: Blood on the hands only stains, washed away at the first rain. The blood in my veins
gives me the right to rule.
Derrik: My army says otherwise.
Allara: When my Father’s army sees my face on the balcony of the great tower they will
remember their true loyalty.
Derrik: These men have already betrayed you. Your father’s blood had yet to dry before
Hawthrone pledge his men to me.
Allara: That was when they thought I was dead. I do not blame them for surviving when there
was no hope. Hope has returned.
Derrik: Hope is dead.
Allara: These men fight for my family. They will not betray me.
Derrik: They have not betrayed your family, sister.
Allara: You have betrayed me then.
Derrik: You can only betray one you have been loyal to!

Allara: You killed my father, stole his men. I will have what is mine.

Allara: You killed my father, stole his men. I will have what is mine.

Allara: Finally, you kneel before the true queen. You killed my father and took his lands, and for
that you will die.
Derrik: Eventually. But not today, not by your hand

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