A Fair Fight in the Fae Forest

Dramatic / Female/ Female / Rapier & Dagger (R&D) / Single Sword (SS) / Smallsword (SmS) / Sword & Shield (S&S) / Male/Male / Comic / Broadsword (BS) / Male/ Female / Knife (Kn) / Quarterstaff (QS) / January 4, 2024

By Dan Cocca

Brownwynne, A female human, courageous but perhaps reckless
Redhand, A Ly Erg Faerie, mischievous and cunning.
(A forest clearing. In one direction runs a river. Brownwynne enters upstage, Redhand is hidden nearby)
B: This clearing again… Oh Brownwynne, you’ve gone in circles! I need to get home, and fast! Maybe I
can follow this streamR: I wouldn’t step too close to the water if I were you.
B: Who’s there?! A soldier?
R: Fret not lass, if I wished to see you harmed I would’ve held my tongue and let the river have its way.
B: What’s so dangerous about it?
R: Partially the fast current. Partially the jagged rocks. But mostly it’s the Kelpies living in it you ought to
watch out for.
B: Kelpies? But that would mean these woods are…
R: The Autumn Forest! You, my dear, walk amongst the Fair Folk.
B: No wonder I didn’t recognize these trees. I need to leave at once!
R: Leave? But you only just arrived!
B: You don’t understand. I have to get home so I can warn my people! The royal army is coming, andR: (Yawns preposterously) Oh, pardon my manners! It’s just that I find human affairs so dreadfully
B: People that I care about are going to die if I stay here! Now tell me how to get back, otherwise I’ll… I’ll-!
R: (Amused) You’re a feisty one. I like that. There is one way that I know of. My master, the Erlking, could
permit you safe passage home… if you prove yourself.
B: And how does one prove herself to the Lord of the Wild Hunt?
R: How else, but a show of strength? Face me in combat. If you’re good enough, I’ll avouch you to him.
B: And what exactly do you get out of this?
R: Would you believe me if I said “the thrill of a good fight”?
B: Not for a second, Faerie.
R: Fair enough I suppose, but do you have time to worry about ulterior motives I may or may not have?
Don’t you have an army to outrun?
(Brownwynn briefly considers the situation, then readies herself to fight)
R: Now that’s more like it. Shall we?
(They fight, the following lines dispersed between moves)
B: You’re taking it easy on me.
R: It’s no fun if I don’t pace myself.
B: I will not be patronized!
R: Is my patronage not what you’re after?
(Fight concludes)
R: Not bad. Not bad at all.
B: I pass your test?
R: With flying colors lass. Come with me; we’re off to see the huntmaster

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