The Captain’s Wake

Rapier & Dagger (R&D) / Single Sword (SS) / Smallsword (SmS) / Male/Male / Comic / Knife (Kn) / Quarterstaff (QS) / April 30, 2023

Dan Cocca

Robin Hartford: A fiery youth, eager to prove themselves. Child to the late Captain Hartford

Amos McNally: A grizzled sailor, set in his ways. Formerly Captain Hartford’s First Mate

Robin is designed to be portrayable by any gender. Amos is more masculine by nature, but is also written without a specific gender in mind.

Midday, atop a hill somewhere in the Caribbean. Positioned upstage is a headstone. Robin stands near it as Amos approaches.

Amos: Robin.

Robin: Amos

Amos: So. You buried him here.

Robin: Not buried, no. Wouldn’t be proper. We gave him back to the sea. But… I thought there should be some kind of marker, so I had one made and planted it here.

Amos: Ay, he’d have liked that. Cap’n loved this little hill. Always used to come here the morning afore we set off, didn’t matter where to. 

Robin: He brought me along a few times. When I was little he’d hoist me up on his shoulders so I could see the harbor better. Sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s gone.

Amos: Aye, that it is. So! What’s the business you called me here for then? If it was to reminisce about your dad, I’ve got some good rum! It ain’t as strong as the Jamaican stuff, but I think it’ll do the job-

Robin: I want the Lady Maria.

Amos: On second thought, it sounds like you’ve had enough already. 

Robin: Oh come on, it was my father’s ship! Who else would it go to?

Amos: Oh I don’t know… perhaps the First Mate who worked her deck for 14 years? Seems more fitting to me than a sprout who can’t even climb her mast.

Robin: Foremast, mizzenmast, or mainbrace? And which colors should I take up with me? I’m not a landlubber, Amos. I know the Code and the Creed.

Amos: Is that right? Then what’s stopping you from getting your own vessel to captain? Why come for mine?

Robin: Because that ship is my father’s legacy. Anywhere his name is mentioned, the Lady’s is in the same breath. I’m not leaving that in the hands of anyone else, Amos.

Amos: And you think I don’t feel the same way? Your dad was closer than my own brother. What makes you think I won’t honor his legacy?!

Robin: You’re not the problem Amos, it’s those rapscallions below decks that wouldn’t know loyalty unless it literally held them at saber point! Father kept them in line when he had the helm, but-

Amos: Oh! You think it was your dad that kept them on a leash. Ha! The Captain had a real knack for barking he did. But it was me what gave the dog it’s bite. 

Robin: You’re really not going to make this easy, are you?

Amos: If you know the Code and Creed, then you know the only way you get that ship from me is a hard one.

Robin: So be it. Amos McNally! By Sailor’s Code and the Creed of Thieves I, Robin Hartford, challenge you for Captaincy of the good ship Lady Maria! 

Amos: I accept!

(They fight)

Amos: Pretty well trained, aren’t we. Cap’n teach you that?

Robin: That and more! Allow me to demonstrate!

Amos: But who do you suppose taught the Cap’n?

(Fight continues)

Robin: It’s going to take more than that to take the fight out of me!

(The fight continues, Amos knocks Robin to the ground or otherwise disarms them)

Amos: Yield, kid. It ain’t worth your death.

Robin: My life is nothing compared to-

Amos: I said it ain’t worth your death. I didn’t say a word about your life.

Robin: What are you getting at?

Amos: A proposition. You got guts, anyone can see that. You know the Code and Creed, I can tell that much too. And you’re pretty quick with a blade to boot. I could use someone like you on the Maria, if you’ll sail under me. And who knows- maybe someday, in a few years when old Amos’s bones start to creak too much… you may find those Captain’s Quarters closer than you think. What say you?

Robin: Aye, I could do that… Captain.

Amos: That’s what I was hoping to hear… First Mate.

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