Loose Ends by Sydney Edwards

Dramatic / Female/ Female / Unarmed (UA) / Knife (Kn) / Quarterstaff (QS) / January 21, 2023

Hartley: This is her last name. No one knows her first, something the program is keen
about. She’s Delilah’s handler, willing to do what it takes to keep her on program, even if
that means killing her.
Delilah: A young assassin trying to break free of her program. Wants to lead a normal
life but must first find a way to convince Hartley of letting her go. Isn’t afraid to kill and
will do so again if necessary to get what she wants.
❖ Combatants can add choreography wherever they see fit between the dialogue
dependent upon the weapon.
Hartley is handing off a drive to Delilah.
Hartley: You know the drill. I expect a confirmed kill in forty eight hours.
Delilah refuses the drive.
Delilah: No.
Hartley: Have you forgotten how this works? When we need loose ends snipped, you cut them.
No questions asked.
Delilah finally accepts the drive, but quickly tosses it to the side.
Delilah: I won’t do this anymore Hartley.
Hartley: Please, you wouldn’t have a clue if not for the institute.
Delilah: You took everything from me!
Hartley: We gave you a life. One might I add, you would have otherwise not made for yourself.
Delilah: I’ve killed for you! Time and time again, I’ve killed for you! And what- now you’re going
to run away? Like a coward who can’t face the truth of her actions? Don’t pretend like
the blood on my hands isn’t also staining yours.
Hartley: The difference Delilah, is that the blood on my hands washes off. Tell me, how does it
feel waking up everyday seeing the ghost of those you’ve killed haunting the corners of
your mind? Always lingering in the periphery, never quite fading.
Hartley: What a pity, you’ve got such a gift for this line of work.
Delilah: I do.
Delilah delivers a killing blow to Hartley

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