Dirty Deeds by Sydney Edwards

Dramatic / Female/ Female / Unarmed (UA) / Male/Male / Male/ Female / Knife (Kn) / January 21, 2023

The scene starts on a rooftop, high above the bustling city streets. Two hitmen/women stand on the roof, Elliot and Carmen.

(Elliot paces back and forth, sparing the occasional dirty look towards Carmen, who’s standing very casually compared to her companion.)
Elliot: Do you think that was a cop?
Carmen: It was just a car alarm, don’t piss your pants.
Elliot: No, they’re onto us! Oh my god! (Carmen pulls Elliot away from the ledge as she begins to scold him.)
Carmen: Would you get away from the ledge? Someone might think you’re going to jump
and then we’ll actually have to deal with the cops.
Elliot: This can’t be happening. This cannot be happening..

Carmen: Relax.
Elliot: Relax? Are you kidding me? You just kille(d a man and you’re telling me to relax!
Carmen: That’s what I said isn’t it? Keep your voice down dipshit.
(Carmen walks to the edge of the roof and checks over the side for anyone who
might have heard them.)
Elliot: You know what? I’m sick of your shit! Do you even know the kind of fallout this
will have?
(With a scoff, Elliot turns to leave but is quickly stopped by Carmen, who lunges
forward for an attack. The two fight and struggle until they both stumble away)
Carmen: You think I care about fallout? Buddy, all I care about is getting paid.
Elliot: What’re you talking about?
Carmen: The Hellhounds offered me double if I put that scumbag in the ground. Now
you’re going with him.
(Carmen lunges forward for another attack, initiating the next fight. The two duke
it out, trading blows until Elliot is incapacitated. In her rage, Carmen delivers the
killing blow to him.)
Carmen: Shit- I really wasn’t supposed to kill you yet. I gotta find a new fall guy/girl

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