The Right Call

Dramatic / Female/ Female / Unarmed (UA) / Knife (Kn) / February 20, 2022

Sydney Edwards and Alyssa Krehbiel

Alice: “I always hated your interior design choices.”
Hope: “That’s pretty critical coming from someone who practically lives in a cave.”
A: “At least my cave has working heat.”
H: “Were you just in the neighborhood or…? What are you doing here Alice?”
A: “You know better than anyone what I’m doing here.”
H: “Course they sent you, or did you volunteer?”
A: “Don’t flatter yourself.”
H: “So how long were you sitting in that chair?”
A: “Cut the bullshit. Why didn’t you run?”
H: “You know that if I run this whole investigation is worthless. Is it so crazy that I want
to do the right thing for once?”
A: “Yes it is, there’s no going back after what you did! You know what happens to people
who snitch.”
H: I know.
A: “Then why the hell did you do it?”
H: “You know why! Alice, we’ve done a lot of screwed up shit in our lives but that- that
crossed a line. I had to do something.”
A: “And calling the cops? Promising to testify? That’s your idea of something?”
H: “I had to Alice! You and I both know that there’s more to this than they’re letting on!
Please, you’re the closest thing to family I have left. Just help me stop him.”
A: “You were my family Hope. You always were,”
There’s a pause as Alice studies her former friend. Contemplation crossing her features
before her eyes harden, mind made up.
A: “But I can’t help you, not this time.”
H: “Please don’t do this Alice.”
A: “Don’t make this more difficult than it has to be.”
H: “I don’t want to fight you. There’s still time to make things right. If you just come
with me-”
A: “Shut up!”
H: “Please Alice, don’t make me do this!”
A: “You should have run when you had the chance.”
Alice makes one last attempt to gain the upper hand but Hope is anticipating it and
blocks her before landing a killing blow.
H: “I’m sorry.”

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