Voices in the Dark

Dramatic / Unarmed (UA) / Male/ Female / Knife (Kn) / February 26, 2018

Samuel French

John Pielmeier

Red and Lil

“It may take a psychologist to tell us why we enjoy being frightened, why we yearn to enter the most sinister crevices of our mind. Although the slice and dice thriller is more popular on film than on stage, playwright John Pielmeier hopes to change that with his fun-filled, fatuously lurid new thriller, VOICES IN THE DARK.”Simon Saltzman, U S 1 “A psychological thriller, this new play by John Pielmeier keeps theatergoers on the edge of their seats throughout…. Pielmeier, who also penned AGNES OF GOD, has written a wonderful thriller with many unpredictable twists and turns.”Debbie Mura, The Courier-News