Dramatic / Female/ Female / Unarmed (UA) / February 24, 2018

Chicago Dramaworks

Patricia Kane

Terry and Vivian

Kane’s tale is quite intriguing. Set in 1956, the action follows the misadventures of tough but comely WAC pilot Terry Logan, who flees the service following an ill-advised back seat fling with a general’s daughter. She lands on the sweltering summer streets of Chicago, but soon finds refuge at the Well, a women’s bar owned by the mysterious and imperious Miss Vivian.

To let everyone know where she is coming from, Terry quite often states her mantra: “I’m a lesbian plain and simple. I don’t make any bones about it.” She gets no argument from perky bartender Pepper, who can quote every line from every Barbara Stanwyck film, or mannish, good-hearted waitress Winny, who also happens to be a skeet-shooting champion.

Both happily welcome Terry into the Well family. Terry receives more than a welcome from sultry, hot-eyed waitress Bing, who declares Terry to be “the new butch in town.” Though Terry secretly yearns for the unattainable Vivian, she willingly follows the path of least resistance to Bing’s bed.