The Desperate Hours

Unarmed (UA) / Male/Male / Knife (Kn) / February 17, 2018

Samuel French

Joseph Hayes

Glenn and Dan

The Hilliards are a typical family living on the outskirts of Indianapolis; abruptly, their pleasant home becomes a jungle full of cunning and violence. Mr. Hilliard and nineteen-year-old Cindy are allowed to go to work, while Mrs. Hilliard and ten-year-old Ralphie remain in the house as hostages. Meanwhile, the police search closes in inexorably, conducted by a deputy sheriff who has his own reasons for wanting to kill. The Hilliards are helpless. A murder occurs. The police move closer. Adapted from Joseph Hayes’ best-selling novel. A smash hit on Broadway starring Paul Newman, this revised edition of The Desperate Hours has been simplified to employ a less complicated set.