Murder Me Once

Unarmed (UA) / Male/Male / Comic / Knife (Kn) / February 8, 2018

John Rustan and Frank Semerano

Samuel French

Thug and Spuds

A slime-ball named Coins Fontaine has cashed in. When his account is closed, there’s evidence of foul play. Who would want to kill Coins? Everybody! The fingers of suspicion especially point to Coins’ hot young widow, a woman with the kind of shape that makes two great first impressions. Then there is Coins’ two beautiful grown daughters, one with a Girl Scout fixation; and the other with a head for figures, perched atop a pretty good figure of her own. Watch out, Spuds, danger is everywhere! An affectionate homage to the hard-boiled private dicks who could handle guns and bodacious babes with equal aplomb.