Auschwitz Lullaby

Dramatic / Female/ Female / Unarmed (UA) / Knife (Kn) / Quarterstaff (QS) / February 7, 2018

James C. Wall

Dramatic Publishing

Miriam and Vacek

Inspired by actual events recounted in inmate diaries, this play tells the story of Jewish pathologist Dr. Isaac Jonah who, along with his wife and daughter, is interred at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944 where he is assigned to work in the laboratory of Dr. Josef Mengele. Jonah searches for strength when he is asked to help in the escape of Lena, a young girl who has miraculously survived the gassing that killed her entire family. He must weigh the safety of his own family against the life of this innocent girl. The nearly successful attempt leads Jonah to perform the most courageous act of his life as he goes against everything his religion and his medical degree have taught him.